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Annulment of Islam by Bab and Baha
Islam, the last religion from Allah was perfected by Allah (Surah Anam: 3). However the Bahai  leaders thought that Islam was not in keeping with the times and contrary to the rulings of Allah went ahead and annulled it. (May Allah curse them). This point should be made clear to all Muslims that Bahais have made fun of Islam, have rejected it as per their whims and fancies.

The annulment of Islam by Bab
Bab initially claimed to be the deputy of Imam Mahdi. Later he claimed to be Imam Mahdi himself. Not only that he claimed to be a divine prophet with a shariat (law). Hence his only option was to annul Islam and to impose his views upon the people. Here are some excerpts.

  • Bab assumed the exclusive right of annulling the whole Quranic dispensation.
    (page 7)

  • Bab gave the injunction in Khasail-e-Sabih to alter the sacrosanct formula of the adhan (page 12)

Here again is the proof that Bab was a Muslim. Initially he introduced himself as the Bab of Baqiatullah (the gate of Imam Mahdi) in the adhan. But he did not annul the adhan nor the prayers until he brought his own so called shariat.

  • Bab cited certain passages of Quran when there was infraction of the rules of grammar i.e., when Quran was grammatically incorrect (page 18)

This is ridiculous. Among the miracles of Quran is its complete harmony with rules of Arabic grammar and prose. Arabic literatteurs till date are indeed amazed at how an Ummi prophet could bring such a brilliant piece of work. It is indeed laughable how an ignorant Persian like the Bab could point out mistakes in the Quran. Bab could not even the conjugate a simple word like 'kala' (Read the trial of Bab as reported in Traveller's Narrative), let alone point out mistakes in the Quran.

  • The book - Bayan at once abrogated the laws and ceremonials enjoined by the Quran regarding prayer, fasting, marriage, divorce and inheritance. (page 20)

  • Bayan interpreted in a masterly fashion (different than others), the meaning of certain terms frequently occuring in the sacred books of previous dispensations such as paradise, hell, resurrection, the return, the balance, the hour, the last judgement and the like (page 20)

  • The laws (of Bab) were designed to abolish at a stroke the priviledges and ceremonials, the ordinances, and institutions of a superannuated dispensation (page 41)

  • The conference at Badasht proclaimed the annulment of the old order. (page 16)

  • One day (at Badasht) in His (Baha's) presence, when illness had confined Him to bed, Tahirah regarded as the fair and spotless emblem of chastitiy and the incarnation of the daughter of the Holy Prophet, Holy Fatima (sa) appeared suddenly, adorned, yet unveiled, before the assembled companions, seated herself on the right hand of the affrightened and infuriated Quddus, and tearing through her fiery words the veils guarding the sanctity of the ordinances of Islam sounded the clarion-call and proclaimed the inauguration of the new dispensation (page 25)

  • On that day, the 'bugle' mentioned in the Quran was sounded , the 'stunning trumpet-blast' was loudly raised and the catastrophe came to pass... The trumpeteer was a lone woman (Tahirah), the noblest of her sex in that dispensation, whom even some of her co-religionists pronounced a heretic. The call she sounded was the death knell of the 1200 year old law of Islam (page 25-26)

  • His followers, under the actual leadership of Baha, their fellow disciples were themselves in the hamlet of Badasht, abrogating the Quranic law, repudiating both the divine ordained and the man-made precepts of the Faith of Mohammed and shaking off the antiquated system (page 26)

The annulment of all previous religions by Baha (including that of Bab)

  • Baha says :"If all who are in the heavens and the earth be invested on this day with the prowess and attributes destined for the Letters of the Bayan, whose station is ten thousand times more glorious than the Letters of the Quranic Dispensation and if they one and all should, swift as the twinkling of an eye, hesitate to recognise My revelation, they shall be accounted in the sight of God of those that have gone astray and regarded as 'Letters of Negation". (page 63)

  • The revelation identified with Baha, abrogates unconditionally all the dispensations before it (page 64)

  • A revelation (of Baha's) hailed... as the consummation of all dispensations within the Adamic cycle..., signalizing the end of the Prophetic Era and the beginning of the Era of Fulfillment (page 64)

Thus now Prophet Mohammed (saw) is not the last prophet, but it is Baha. This was the so-called annulment of the religion of Islam at the hands of the Bahais.

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