Dear readers, it is with pleasure that I inform you of my fortunate meeting with Sayyed Dildaar Husain Zaidi. It was three years ago that I met him during my visit to Karachi. Our meeting happened by chance (though I believe it was divine destiny) and encompassed discussions on religion, finally veering towards the topic of the Babi and the Bahai Faith. That encounter has finally taken fruit with the introduction of the Shia Viewpoint on BahaiAwareness.

Mind you, as Sayyed Dildaar will attest, it did take a lot of persuasion on my part. However it has been worth the effort as he has conclusively replied to those allegations raised against the Shias by the Bahais. Each one of his arguments is backed by references and traditions from Shia sources. Indeed with his treatise he has displayed the spirit of 'cleansing' Islam from misrepresentation and falsehood and highlighting the truth for my readers. I thank him for that.

It is this very spirit that all Muslims must strive to imbibe in themselves. Indeed with so many schools of thought and sects springing forth with every passing day, separating the wheat from the chaff is the need of the hour. I look forward to every bit of help on that front no matter how insignificant.

I have a small request for my readers. If you have any question about the Bahai Faith, or if you happen to come across any Bahai material that may help me in my studies, or, like Sayyed Dildaar, if you share the spirit of cleansing Islam against the misrepresentations of the Bahai Faith, then I would urge you to get in touch with me. If you have access to any material, published or otherwise, I will be happy to publish it on my website. The only condition is that it must be authentic and backed by references which can serve as a benchmark to those who wish to write a riposte to the article.

With due respect to the wishes of Sayyed Dildaar for privacy, I have not mentioned his email address. All correspondence can be directed to him through me. I will ensure that he not only receives it, but also replies to it if necessary. Finally, I thank Allah who has made this website possible. I was unable to pursue this for the past couple of years due to personal reasons. Indeed, it is Allah's Grace that He has given me an opportunity to renew my humble efforts in this regard. I am encouraged with all the feedback I have received from my readers and maybe it is because of their prayers that this opportunity was granted to me. With all humility and sincerity, I seek the blessing of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) that he makes this endeavour worthy of acceptance before Allah.

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