Here are few of the many mails which I get from Bahais. I have often found over the years (and I mentioned this in my rationale for starting this web site) that the average Bahai is fairly ignorant of his Faith. To the extent that when he is confronted with the truth, he does not accept it - rather he shuns it and curses the source.

I solemnly testify that to each of the below mentioned emails and to mails similar to these, I have written back informing them that as opposed to making sweeping statements cursing me or, they should come back to me and inform me of what they have found erroneous.

As for myself, my conscience is clear - I have only taken what the Bahais and their books have informed me. Nothing less. Nothing more. If any Bahai wishes to contest the references on my web site, he is most welcome to do so. if proved guilty, I will be happy to change it and even inform my readers about the error.

  • Thank you for this joke. This so called sect consists of one person, Abbas Teimory!!! But his thought is really beautiful: women as bosses over the men in Universal House of Justice! But I think there has already been one: the widow of Shoghi Effendi...

    My Response - Dear Stefan (Sanmare):
    Thank you for writing to Bahai Awareness. You can choose to laugh at this joke. But the fact is that today the Bahai Faith is splintered into various denominations. yes, there is one sect - the Haifan sect which commands a share of voice. But that too is becoming irrelevant and the other sects are gaining prominence.

  • Since you know he (Bab) was not the twelfth why did Muslims Murder Him and why did Muslims exile Bahaullah for so many years?

    My Response - Dear KrishnaIslam:
    Thank you for writing to BahaiAwareness. The Bab was not mrudered. He was tried by a court of law and then pronounced guilty of sedition against the government of Iran. Bahaullah was exiled because of the disturbance that his followers were causing to the general peace of the society. Due to the clashes between his followers and that of his brother Subhe Azal, the government chose to exile them.

  • The world center was established Haifa during the late 1800s in Palestine. The ban on teaching activities in Israel goes back to the days of Bahaullah and has been in existence long before the establishment of Israel.

    This was in all likelihood established out of sensitivity concerning missionary work among Muslim and Jewish communities as well as neutrality concerning Israeli affairs. This restriction also explains why there are no local spiritual assemblies in the state of Israel or Israeli converts not being accepted if they don’t emigrate to another country and policies about dating or marrying Israeli citizens. However, this doesn’t cover all of historical Palestine. There are local spiritual assemblies for example in Jordan and Jordanian Bahais.

    As far as claims of economic benefits working at a worthwhile occupation is considered a form of worship in the Bahai faith. The world center in Israel is a major tourist attraction so yes, there is a valid claim of generating tourist revenue for the area.

    Bahaullah was exiled to Acre by the Shah of Iran and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. His half brother was exiled to Cyprus. This is why the world center ended up in Israel. It had nothing to do with Zionism.

  • you are absolutely full of it! Nothing what you have said about the Baha’is has even an iota of truth in it. You are just hateful without even studying the sacred scriptures of the Baha’i Faith. Your venom is nothing but absolute propaganda. The Baha’i Faith is absolutely no threat to any religion or country. Their numbers are small. They are absolute pacifists. They are totally apolitical. They tell people who want to know about the Baha’i Faith, the basic teachings of their faith. They do not preach or force conversions. They have an open door policy: any one can enter and anyone can leave. They follow the true dictum of Islam: there is no compulsion in religion. The Baha’i faith is in sync with the times and its universal teachings are very attractive to quite a few people in this world. It is truly a global religion and its teachings and principles will one day, in future, form the basis of a true universal religion. I have travelled around the world and seen how its practical teachings have impacted the lives of millions of its adherents. So please, just try to chill and make an attempt to safeguard Islam from within. If you follow the true principals of Islam you will not spread lies about other religions or people, who by the way are creations of the same God. The Quran says clearly that Allah is not in need of people to defend His religion. Don”t think like a Taliban and degrade and demean the sacredness of Islam. Its people like you who have given a bad name to islam and not the West. Spend your time in saying good things about Islam and leave other religions to the justice of Allah. If he thinks these are bad, He himself will eliminate them.

  • Hey read the writings and stop jaw jacking . Love forever. Bah humbug. No ,this utter nonsence.

  • I don’t know who u are but you are way off the mark ,Bahai’s discrie injustice in all things.I juatice is our first comand,justice in the heart and mind of every believer. Hey Sir .read The Hidden Words of Baha u llah. Or God Passed By a history of the Bahai Faith By Soggie Effendi .Git wit it sir .Love nate

  • I would say look at when this prayer was written ,before Israle ,came into being. Bahai teaches not to find fault in anything or anyone.To look only for the good in all things.It is eazy very,eazy to check out what Abdul Baha say’s in such matters.Stop running game pal .Bahai’s want Unity ,harmony, .What do you want .??Love forever Nate Bahai

  • You should read the official agreement between the Baha’i world centre and the State of Israel. It is a “Friendship and Cooperation” document which is available at most Baha’i national centres.

  • I no longer carry water for the Baha’i Faith, but the second “question” is apparently based on a misunderstanding. Baha’is do not teach their faith to Jews living in Israel. There are plenty of former Jews among the Baha’is, including “Hand of the Cause” Musa Banani, who, reportedly, could only read Arabic or Persian in the Hebrew script.

  • Your understanding of the Baha'i Faith is either minimal and you don't know what you are talking about at all, OR you understand the Baha'i Faith very well, you know what you are saying is twisted and distorted. Either way, your statements about Baha'i are way off the mark.

    My Response - Dear XYZ, my understanding of the Baha'i Faith is very good. I do not think that I am twisting any facts or distorting any views about the Baha'i Faith. It would help if you could be more specific as to which statements are off the mark so that I can offer an objective reply to your allegation.

  • You must really fear the Baha'i faith to have spent do much time attempting to disprove it. I am sure Allah would prefer you be more productive.

    My Response - Dear Guest - There is no question of fear at all. It is only an expression of a view point about the Bahai Faith. Whether Allah will prefer me to be productive in this manner or not will only be known to Allah. Why enter that realm? Why is Bahai behaviour contrary to the Bahai Faith claims of encouragement of Independent Investigation of Truth?

  • Preaching by deception? These endeavors are worldwide and the building of communities is unfolding beautifully. Opposition is sure to arise but the results speak for themselves. The Ruhi program works as the agrarian underclass becomes empowered through the acquisition or development of values, virtues, and goal-setting to uplift themselves and take their rightful places as valued members of society. I am not familiar with the case in point but the usual procedure is for children and junior youth to have written permission of parents to participate. My four children went through this program and now there are three new doctors and one scientist addressing the ills of the world. Not bad, not bad at all.

    My Response - Look at my articles on the tachings on There are several deceptive ways that the Bahai adopt to push their teachings to even those who are not interested in them.

    Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran - there are several countries which do not allow the Bahais to teach, yet the Bahais persist through devious means. Not acceptable.

  • You have alot of hate in your heart brother.

    My Response - I disagree. I regret that your feeling that I have a lot of hate. This feeling will inhibit you from observing the Bahai Principle of Independent Investigation of Truth.

    Instead of focussing on the apparent hatred in my heart, it may be better to focus on what is being said and the veracity of the references in the articles.

  • Would ye ask the Jews whether Jesus was the True One from God, or the idols if Muhammad was an Apostle of His Lord, or inquire from the people of the Qur’án as to Him Who was the Remembrance of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Great? (Baha’u'llah, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, p. 41)

    My Response - I dont know what point you were making. But if it is concerning the Quran, then my suggestion is that you should refer to the Prophet Mohammed on whom the Quran was revealed. No sense in referring to someone whose Arabic was weak, understanding of Islam was poor and for whom there is dispute about his standing - Bahaullah.

    Why should Muslims believe that Bahaullah is anyone referred to in the Quran? Let us see the Prophet Mohammed making any direct references about Bahaullah - or about any person to follow him as a Messenger. Show me one reference and I will be happy to change my religion. The fact is that there is none. Only for one reason - there was never anyone meant to be to follow the Holy Prophet.

  • If you could, you'd want all Baha'is eliminated or stoned to death. Knowing how tolerant your religion is.

    My Response - Not at all my friend. If I could, I would just make the Bahais see reason. Esp those Bahais who are not told about things that they should be told - like their original books, the teachings of the Bab, why Bahais are not allowed to teach the Faith to Jews of Israel...etc.

  • Leaders of religion, exponents of political theories, governors of human institutions, who at present are witnessing with perplexity and dismay the bankruptcy of their ideas, and the disintegration of their handiwork, would do well to turn their gaze to the Revelation of Baha'u'llah, and to meditate upon the World Order which, lying enshrined in His teachings, is slowly and imperceptibly rising amid the welter and chaos of present-day civilization.

    My Response - Thank you for the feebdack. But I dont really agree with you. Bahai teachings have not really worked anywhere - not even for the Bahais themselves.

    Let us make a beginning by starting to teach the Faith to the Jews of Israel. At present, even after 160 years of the Faith, Jews are not permitted to learn and neither are Bahais permitted to teach the Faith to Jews.

    So lets not go far, just lets start with the Jews of Israel.

  • For let every earnest upholder of the Cause of Baha'u'llah realize that the storms which this struggling Faith of God must needs encounter, as the process of the disintegration of society advances, shall be fiercer than any which it has already experienced. Let him be aware that so soon as the full measure of the stupendous claim of the Faith of Baha'u'llah comes to be recognized by those time-honored and powerful strongholds of orthodoxy, whose deliberate aim is to maintain their stranglehold over the thoughts and consciences of men, this infant Faith will have to contend with enemies more powerful and more insidious than the cruellest torture-mongers and the most fanatical clerics who have afflicted it in the past. What foes may not in the course of the convulsions that shall seize a dying civilization be brought into existence, who will reinforce the indignities which have already been heaped upon it!

    My Response - Your reply is as twisted and convoluted as the writings of the Bahai Faith.

    Are you trying to say that people should accept the Bahai Faith as correct only because it is opposed by clerics?

    Or are you trying to say that people oppose it because they want to maintain their stranglehold on religion? In that case, the Bahai Faith is no different. It opposes all the other sects of the Bahai Faith and shuns them calling them Covenant Breakers, actually encourages its followers to ostracize those who oppose the "authority" of the UHJ...

  • The Qur'an mentions the:
    1. Believers
    2. Unbelievers
    3. Deceivers

    Where does the Bab and Bathullah come in ?

    Those who undertake to unravel the Truth, has a concommitiant responsibility that they do not lead others astray but to redirect them to the Right Path. For those who wish to know more, 17:36 of the Qur'am is most instructive. Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

    My Response - Bab and Bahaullah will come under category 2 and 3 of deceivers and unbelievers. You quoted these verse of Chapter of Isra. I would be delighted to hear what the Holy Prophet (pbuh) or the divine proofs said about this verse. Since the Quran was revealed upon the prophet, it is only fair that in the event of a dispute between us, we refer to the prophet on the same. Just plain conjecture from your side or mine will not help either of us reach the truth!

  • why is it your mission to prove bahai's are evil? Didnt Jesus, the prophet, say to remove the plank of wood from your own eye before the speck in your brothers? I reject some of your claims; i can honestly say that I sincerly want the truth including heaven and paradise, and I want not 1 iota of hell. Evil is ignorance. There is some things you misunderstand which is where I would direct your attention. Jesus never spoke without special purpose. The very few sayings we have of Him are the absolute true basic aspects of reality and existence itself. if you are ever in disagreeance with his teachings, you are clearly definitely making an error, and i believe you are in disagreeance with my above quoted parable.

    My Response - Dear XYZ, it is not my mission to establish that Bahais are evil. It is my mission to let Muslims and Bahais know about those things of the Faith which they dont know themselves. And I do this by probing Bahai books only. Unfortunately in that effort, if there is a perception that my mission is to put down the Bahais, then so be it.

    What is important for any person is to objectively see the Bahai Faith and see that it is nothing but a farce - Bahais do not practice what they preach, their books are full of distortions and their aim is to mislead people into a false sense of security. All of which is think is not good.

    I am happy to have a conversation with you if you wish on this subject.

  • Interesting site. The last statement above, however, is incorrect, as you must know if you have studied the Baha'i Faith. Consider the station of Vahid, the leading mulla and Islamic scholar in Persia at the time of the advent of the Bab. He was held in the highest esteem, and was almost certainly the most learned in the whole of that country. But the key was that his accomplishments did not become, to him, the god he worshiped. Rather, humility, ultimately, required him to acknowledge that the Bab was the One foretold by His Holiness Muhammad (pubh).

    As far as His Holiness Muhammad being "The Last", I would suggest a careful study of the Kitab-i-Iqan, where Baha'u'llah, with clarity, vigor and divine insight, demonstrates clearly that the interpretation commonly held in Islam is incorrect, and fails to accord either with authenticated traditions or indeed the text of the perspicuous Book itself.

    My Response - You must understand that in Islam, the respect for any person or anything stems from his actions which are in line with the words of the Prophet. The fact that some scholar Vahid acknowledged the Bab has no meaning. Did the Holy Prophet of Islam foretell the coming of any new prophet after him? That is more important. Is the prophet said so, then we would like see some proof of that. Unfortunately we dont see any proof, we see only conjecture from Bahais. More painfully, the conjecture is their own imagination and not even that of the Bab and Bahaullah.

    As regards the second point you made, can you send me the verses from the Iqan about the finality of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet of Islam. You may want to see the tablests of Ishraqaat, page 293 in which Bahaullah says - 'Salutations be upon the Lord of mankind..., He (Mohammed), through whom messengership (Risalat) and prophethood (Nabuwwat) have been completed (intahata) (Bahaullah). You can view this reference and more at:

  • I was just introduced to this website. The fact that you call Kayhan \"the official and most popular newspaper of Iran\" tells me enough about your position regarding Baha\'is or others in Iran. One day you guys realize that running an English legitimate-looking website against Baha\'is adds nothing to your credibility: you are the same old liar than Kayhan is.

  • All informations that you are saying are false.

  • This is the most stupid site I have ever seen. From God point of you you are guilty as you are considered covenant breaker.

  • The facts that you have typed regarding the Baha'i faith is biased and is based on only one point-of-view.

  • It is a shame to have seen this website and I certainly regret it.

  • How would you know they are false? I am bahai and believe everything you dont know anything. Learn from a REAL bahai...

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